You may be thinking that installing a solar energy system is just a money saving and energy saving process, but its more than that, with the right criteria and accreditation of the installer, you can actually make money from the system you have installed.


Its a government initiative called Feed-In-Tariffs or FITs as it is usually abbreviated to. It was set up to encourage household owners, business owners and even small communities invest in solar energy systemsto help reach the UK’s target of making 15% of all energy produced to be renewable by the year 2020 within the UK. To find out more please click here.


Another government initiative is one called the Green Deal which includes all forms of renewable energy from solar energy all the way to ground source heat pumps. its designed to be a financial aid to those interested and can be quite beneficial if you were seeking multiple forms of renewable energy within your household. Please click here to find out more information.


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