Solar energy can be used for heating within your household as well as used for electrical energy, meaning that the benefits of solar energy are even more attractive. So not only do you save on your electricity bills, you can also save on your gas / heating bills too.


Our system is not to be confused with regular solar thermal panels which use the sun’s heat to heat domestic hot water. We use Solar PV panels with our specially designed system to heat the water, giving you the same results as solar thermal, but without mess, complex pipe running and leaving the household with a more attractive roof.


The benefits of using our Solar PV Heat system is that unlike normal solar thermal panels, they are only effective if the outside temperature is high enough to deliver enough heat transfer. Where our system works on the sun’s light energy which is much more efficient and more widely available throughout the year.


When it comes to winter months, the temperature will be considerably lower allowing normal solar thermal panels to produce close to nothing regarding heat transfer and our Solar PV Heat panels need only indirect sunlight to achieve an effective result.


Solar PV Heat can be a great addition to an already existing Solar PV installation or even a stand alone system. Maybe your are interested in solar energy but already very efficient when it comes to electricity usage, we can install a small system dedicated to heating rather than electricity so you can see the benefits without making such a large commitment. AJS Solartech can work out the best installation suited to your needs.