Its not an uncommon sight to see houses with arrays of solar panels on their roofs, if you happen to take a look around your local neighbourhood you will more than likely come across a couple installations.



What you are seeing is a Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) system which is the most common type of solar installation. These panels provide electricity to the household / establishment using only the power of the sun and with no additional power usage meaning solar panels are completely free to operate.

The only cost you will have is the initial one-time-fee of installing the Solar PV system and from then on, you can enjoy all the benefits and savings Solar PV can bring to your world. See how Solar PV works by clicking here.


ID-10064724Also its not just the benefit of cheaper electricity bills and a greener environment you gain from installing a Solar PV system, the government has a few financial incentives to help more household owners and business owners get more out of solar energy than ever before.


You can get paid for the energy you produce, the surplus energy  you produce but dont use and a range of financial incentives which fall under the government initiative called the Green Deal and also under a scheme called the Feed-In-Tariffs.


To find out more about financial benefits involving solar energy, please click here.